My Goal is to Create Awareness of Our Universal Connection in Order to Increase Levels of Compassion, Kindness and Empathy

Art has been an integral part of my life going back to my early childhood years. Painting has always been a source of joy, and also it has been my profession for about 20 years. I have painted many series and exhibited across the US, with oil paintings placed in collections around the globe.  While I have painted in several genres, there is an underlying common thread to all of these pieces which is the exploration of our universal connection and energy.

In my abstract paintings, I use paint to give form and color in aide to my investigation of shared energy. 

This concept of our universal connection has wended its way into my paintings for many  years, including in my representational pieces,  as evidenced in my figurative work where a nude model connects with something much larger than herself as she is bathed in sunlight. Or in my series of beach people who are lit up with light and color; they are immersed in their aura and light around them. Similarly, in my paintings of anthropomorphized barns and houses, I aim to show a sense of warmth and connectedness through the sunlight and moonlight.  Furthermore, my landscape paintings explore our connection to something greater than ourselves. When I’m outside in nature, taking in the symphony of all that is there, I feel an undeniable sense that all is connected -- land, sky, water, and life.

I am excited about work that comes from the that is colorful, energetic, has push and pull. Work that creates a visceral response.